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It is with great sadness that we report the death of Major Rodger Barrington Haworth on 25th August 2022 after a short illness, the funeral was on Friday 2nd September.


Rodger founded the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ website in 2006, but had been building the database since 1992.  As the sole proprietor Rodger was solely responsible for entering new information, which has come from many sources, some large like 'IHS Seaweb' and the 'World Ship Society', but also individuals including some 'MSI© members.  Regardless of the source Rodger would check and re-check to ensure what he entered was correct, repeating the process whenever new information on a vessel surfaced.

The ‘Miramar Ship Index’ will remain online as is, and the disks will also continue to be available for purchase, in both disk and download form, as long as there is demand.

The last website update prior to Rodger’s death was on 14th August.  Due to the difficulty of finding someone with sufficient shipping knowledge, dedication, time and commitment to accuracy, we have decided to make the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ a memorial to Rodger and his life’s work, rather than risk weakening his legacy.

There will be no more updates, sealing the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ as the most comprehensive database of ships and their histories, covering iron & steel sailing ships, powered merchant ships (over 100 grt) and Naval ships, from the early 19th century to July 2022.

We would like to thank all who have contributed and assisted Rodger over the years, and our customers for their support.

My apologies for the delay in resolving any problems with subscriptions or disks.  Delayed subscriptions will receive their full time.  I have been involved primarily as technical support until now.  I will make contact as soon as I am fully acquainted with the operation.

Sincerely, Danny Leahy, Rodger’s Stepson & Technical Support


Uploads have usually occured about every two weeks. For an upload history and for details of the latest upload see the first few lines in the Abbreviations page.

ACCESS to the website became subject to registration and a small (US$25) annual subscription fee  However your access to the website data is FREE for the seven days following first registration.


  • Go to the Purchase screen and click the disk offer you wish to purchase - there are four choices. Disk prices do not include the price of website subscription
  • There is a PDF form attached to the purchase screen which gives alternative payment methods and bank account detail etc.


  • Telegraphic transfer to MSI bank account is acceptable for either subscription or disk purchases, but contact MSI first. Required bank account data is at the foot of the PDF form


  • If you wish to pay a subscription on someone else's behalf, contact MSI by email first